Run Your Body Like a Business

Run Your Body Like a Business by author Jay Foard! 

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In Run Your Body like a Business, author Jay Foard provides sensible, practical advice to help you take control of your health, turn around unhealthy conditions, and simplify the complexities of healthy living based on how the body works.

Exploring the topic of developing an effective health strategy by leveraging business terms, Run Your Body like a Business builds on the premise we are each the CEO of our own company—the company of our body and its health. To keep our body healthy we must learn to think like a CEO and run our body as a CEO would run a business.

This, Foard stresses, brings additional challenges and responsibilities in decision-making and requires us to understand the effects of our day to day decisions. To maintain a healthy business, we have to learn the ins and outs of how the body works so we can keep it productive for long-term growth and sustainability. If the business becomes unhealthy, this book provides a deeper dive into the underlying drivers to figure out what you can consider changing to address the issue and try to make the body run in a more healthy and productive manner.

Informative, entertaining, and inspiring, Run Your Body like a Business delivers specific action items and step-by-step considerations to creating flexible but effective holistic health strategies based upon the proven concepts that make businesses healthy.

Working as a strategic business consultant for more than fifteen years, Foard has helped businesses around the world improve their operations and productivity. He brings to his book not only his professional knowledge but also years of research in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and sociology, as well as his personal challenges and experiences specific to health.