Soul Searching

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Leveraging a unique cast of characters, Soul Searching takes the reader on a journey for meaning and explanation given the uncertainties of life. Critical of cultural norms and spiritual bias, the story weaves together an emotionally tolling set of events that at times are light and humorous and, at others, are dark and exploratory. Throughout the search, the main character finds truth in lies and exceptions to norms—and deals with the consequences of his actions and the actions of those around him, focusing on events both controllable and unforeseen. The inability to accept past events in self-reflection and the failure to understand the future in self-trial is a reminder to all of the delicate balance between life, destiny, and the underlying tenants that define our experiences.

How to Break the Sugar Habit in Your Family takes a close look at the short- and long-term consequences of the sugar epidemic and outlines, in simple terms, what we as parents can do to take control of diet and lifestyle choices. Tackling topics such as how sugar works, why corporations use it to target children to sell products, sugar traps we need to careful of, how to make better purchasing decisions, and much more, How to Break the Sugar Habit in Your Family provides specific action items and considerations to create a flexible but effective health strategy that aligns with today’s challenges.

In today’s world of marketing and misinformation it can be difficult to know what is best for our families when it comes to developing a successful health strategy. A key component of this is understanding what our children are consuming and the impact to their health. In many countries around the world there are dramatic increases of life-long debilitating diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cancer rates, much of what can be related back to early childhood eating habits and lifestyle choices.

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Run your Body like a Business

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In Run Your Body like a Business, author Jay Foard explores the topic of developing an effective health strategy by looking at it in business terms. The book provides sensible, practical advice to help you take control of your health, turn around unhealthy conditions, and simplify the complexities of healthy living based on how the body works.

Run Your Body like a Business builds on the premise we are each the CEO of our own company—the company of our body and its health. Foard likens the body to a family business that is inherited through DNA.To keep our bodies healthy we must learn to think like a CEO and run our body as a CEO would run a business.

Foard stresses this brings additional  challenges and responsibilities in decision making. Understanding the effects of our decisions on the business of health is a key area of focus. To maintain a healthy business, you have to learn the ins and outs of how it works so you can keep it productive for long-term growth and sustainability. If the business becomes unhealthy, this book provides a deeper dive into the underlying drivers to figure out what you can consider changing to address the issue and try to make the body run more healthy and productive.

Informative, entertaining, and a must-read, Run Your Body like a Business delivers specific action items and step-by-step considerations to creating flexible but effective holistic health strategies based upon the proven concepts that make businesses healthy. The book also calls upon the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and sociology.

Working as a strategic business consultant for more than fifteen years, Foard has helped businesses around the world improve their operations and productivity. He brings to his debut book not only his professional knowledge but also his personal challenges and experiences specific to health. The book is designed to help others reframe their thinking based on his experiences and extensive research.

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