Breathing Matters (<-click for more) – Often when I bring up breathing techniques and its importance to health I get looks like this is a discussion typically reserved for people in far away places wearing sandals and robes. In my article I discuss the scientific merits of why controlling breathing is important. Look forward to your feedback!

Rethinking Dessert (<-click for more) – Dessert items have the nasty reputation as being ‘unhealthy’. A lot of this is unwarranted and only because mainstream dessert recipes overuse sugar and sweeteners, which often compromises not only the health benefits, but also the taste and quality. I am challenging people to rethink dessert and share some of my ideas/findings in this blog.

Why Stress Kills (<-click for more) – Most people know that stress is bad for the body. We are constantly told to ‘lower stress’ or ‘find ways to manage stress.’ Usually this advice has little impact on our daily habits, however, because many of the items that are stressful we assume we have little control to change. I’ll often have people say things like ‘my job is stressful and there isn’t much I can do about it’. Or ‘of course, having 3 children is stressful!  But what can I do about it?’ First let me explain a little bit about why stress is so dangerous to the body from a biological standpoint. Then we can talk about what we can do about it in our daily lives.

Rise and Fall of Liberalism in America (<-click for more) – The liberal movement has been transformed to represent very little of the core morals and values that made America one of the greatest countries in the history of western civilization. What happened? How did we get so far off track? This editorial explores the question and offer some insight. Look forward to your thoughts/feedback.

This is a picture of sugary dog treats for sale at the pet store. No wonder veterinarians are seeing soaring rates of diabetes in dogs… much like we are seeing in our children!