Jay Foard

I currently live in Florida, US. I have many different interests but my primary focuses are in biology (specifically in molecular biology and biotech), physics, business strategy and technology. I completed my master’s work at Duke University and will continue my research in BioTechnology. Primarily focused in the area of chemical signals and signatures as it relates to mammal behavior and genetic coding.

I enjoy travel and have lived in many interesting places, including India, Peru, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand. This picture is taken at the Wat Ram Poeng Temple of Peace in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2012.


I also collect hand made musical instruments and have a broad variety from around the world. Below is a picture of a Jakhe (จะเข้) which is an instrument from Thailand that I bought hand made in Chiang Mai.



I also have a collection of hand made Suengs (ซึง) which are stringed instruments with a bow from Thailand.



Below is a master craftsman in Trujillo, Peru signing a Cajón he made for me which is a Peruvian drum.



I’ve finally dug my Thai drum out of its packing material after dragging it around the world for 2 years. It has made a nice addition to the Muay Thai practice room in my home.


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